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ALIEN COOKIES Strains for sale New Mexico , Alien Cookies marijuana strain was born as a result of a successful. Cross between Girl Scout Cookies. Alien Dawg, and Fire Alien Kush.

Sativa ratio, an average THC of 21% or more, and less than 1% CBD. Despite the very average THC level, this strain has a reasonable terpene profile. Buy Alien Cookies Strain

The buds of Alien Cookies are small and chunky; their color varies from bright to forest green, covered in abundance of light orange pistils, complemented by a thick coat of amber trichomes.

The smell of this strain is heavy with dank, fruity, and muted vanilla notes. The flavor is surprisingly sweet, but earthy, vanilla here is very distinct, also known to have a hint of citrus.

It is very tender in the beginning, providing users with happy, euphoric, uplifting experience, perfect for social events, however as the effects progress, it takes you into a profoundly relaxed, even sedated state.

Several users reported it to be helpful in a condition such as loss of appetite. Novice users should take caution while using this strain, as, if taken too much, it takes you straight to deep sleep. This strain has an amazing ability to relax the body and calm the mind.

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