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Blue Afghani kush

Blue Afghani for sale Tennessee


Blue Afghani for sale Tennessee, Blue Afghani is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis with unknown origins. No one knows who first decided to create this plant by crossing the ever popular Blueberry and Afghani strains.

Secondly, these two potent parents are to combine for a powerful and dank flower that is lighting up in bowls and joints across the nation today. Also, this flower has THC levels that  test between 15-19%, most often landing somewhere around 17%.

Although the name might lead some to expect blue or purple buds, this flower is quite green. In fact, the shade of this flower is akin to the waning chlorophyll from a leaf in autumn. These tight, dense nugs are often bright neon green in color, with brilliant gold undertones.

The flowers themselves smell sweet and spicy, with hints of earthy blueberries and spicy herbs. The flavor of Blue Afghani smoke is that of sweet blueberries with a kick of spicy herbal tea.

Some cannabis growers, whether home growers or professional growers have taken quite a liking to Blue Afghani seeds.

The onset of this high is euphoric, with warm tendrils of relaxation spreading throughout your body. A lightly tingling sensation will spread from the back of your head down your neck and back. The feeling quickly expands throughout your torso and limbs, leaving you in an utterly relaxed state of being. This heady, stoney high will leave you dazed and confused in the best way possible. This makes Blue Afghani ideal for treating symptoms such as chronic pain, stress, and depression.

Many reviews of this strain have noted that somewhere in the middle you’re likely to experience a strong case of the munchies which is the only motivating factor strong enough to get you off the couch and to the fridge. In fact, many have reported this strain restoring appetite and alleviating nausea which helps those with GI issues.

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