AK48 Automatic Seeds USA

Buy AK-48 Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds for sale California


Buy AK-48 Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds for sale California , If you like the AK-47 strain, you’re going to love AK-48 autoflowering marijuana seeds.

This balanced hybrid delivers on all fronts of cerebral and bodily stimulation with its high THC content. The lineage of AK-48 is a unique mixture of Colombian Gold, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani.

Consumers looking for a classic high-meets-stoned experience better reach for AK-48 marijuana seeds, you won’t be disappointed!

AK-48 does will in the medical marijuana community as well for its pain-killing effects.

AK-48 will not interfere will your plans or leave you feeling “stuck.”

Despite its seemingly violent name, AK-48 actually refers to the time it takes for this plant to bloom. Growers love AK-48 marijuana seeds because they’re easy to grow and resilient to human error.

This strain is not picky about its surroundings, which means you can grow it in most conditions, both indoors and outdoors. You’ll also love its powerful scent — a little sweet, a little citrus, and a little skunk.

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