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Banana Bread

Buy Banana Bread Feminised Seeds New York


Buy Banana Bread Feminised Seeds New York

Banana Bread Seeds Info

If you want to treat yourself to something new and special, Banana Bread seeds should definitely be on your radar.

The Early Purple Kush is a familiar and well-liked cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, while Vietnamese Black is as exotic as they make ’em – a pure Sativa landrace.

The resulting hybrid is, understandably, truly one of a kind.


The effects of Banana Bread make your head high and bright, along with the exemplary body relaxation from the Kush side.

Ideal for relaxing the muscles at the end of the day, the strain feels like a huge comforting hug for your whole being.

THC Levels

Though no official information is available from the breeder, the buds in dispensaries test at 20%, making Banana Bread seeds a high-THC variety.

Grow Info

When grown indoors, Banana Bread will finish in 56 to 63 days from the moment you switch to flowering, which is an average speed for a balanced Sativa/Indica cross.

Expect the rest of the growing characteristics (height, yields, etc.) to be more or less the same as with other 50/50 hybrids. Here’s some more info that you need to consider when growing Banana Bread:

  • This strain is quite smelly and requires carbon filters in the grow room.
  • Banana Bread is quite resistant due to its share of landrace genetics.

Banana Bread Seeds

A top-shelf item, these feminized seeds come at a higher price than most, but it’s not a middle-of-the-road strain, and offers you a chance to grow something truly unique.

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