Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Lemon Skunk



Buy LEMON SKUNK SEEDS Nevada , Lemon skunk is new strain which has been winning cups around the globe. As the name suggests, the taste of this strain is skunky, piney, and very lemon. It really is a delicious flavor which will have you packing another bowl, just for that flavor! The potency of this strain is medium to high, with some phenos being exceptionally potent.

Lemon skunk was bred using different skunk phenos to create quite a masterpiece which has pulled the new school potent flavors out of old school genetics. Its amazing what breeders can create, and this is one great example. This flavor of this strain is guaranteed make exceptional concentrates..

Lemon skunk is a hybrid, and there may be some indica leaning phenos and some sativa leaning phenos in each pack. The high is a nice balance of head and body, and can be a bit sativa leaning as most typical skunks. She is a decent yielder, and produces some great medicine with a nicely balanced high.

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