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Miracle Alien Cookies Online USA

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Buy Miracle Alien Cookies Seeds California , Miracle Alien Cookies seeds, commonly known as MAC seeds, have established themself as a favorite seeds for all weed enthusiasts.

The strain is famous for its extreme potency, flavor, and aroma.

Cannabis growers have reported that this strain is challenging to grow and therefore requires some experience to thrive. The following is a breakdown of the features that make Miracle Alien Cookies seeds a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

The epic tale of Miracle Alien Cookies begins with the breeding of a Starfighter and a Columbian Gold landrace strain. As the story goes, Capulator tragically left the seeds in the pockets of a pair of pants that found their way into the washing machine.

Our Phenotypes aroma and taste is unique with it’s overwhelming garlicky gravy bite. Our Miracle Alien Cookies phenotype showcases what else the strain has to offer outside the infamous MAC1 cut. 

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