Hybrid Marijuana Strain

OG Kush Breathe

Buy OG Kush Breath for sale Online USA


Buy OG Kush Breath for sale Online USA , A phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), the OG Kush Breath Strain (also known as OGKB) is a super rare strain with a delectable dessert-like flavour profile that is backed by a deeply relaxing, potent high.

Effects of OG Kush Breath

The high felt with OG Kush Breath is felt almost instantly as users will quickly feel their moods uplifted and a boost of positive energy.

A deep and heavy relaxation will settle in, and users will most likely be couch-locked.

THC Content

It is an indica-dominant hybrid with 70% indica to 30% sativa.

Appearance & Aroma

The aromas are nutty, herbal, spicy, earthy, with undertones of berries;

These sweet notes are complemented by a nice and spicey, sage-like herb flavour. As for its appearance, OG Kush Breath buds are chunky with an elongated shape.

The colour is a minty moss-like green with orange hair-like pistils, and is finished with a generously thick layer of tiny frost-like trichomes!

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