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Purple Skunk Online

Buy Purple Skunk Strain Georgia


Buy Purple Skunk Strain Georgia , This indica-dominant hybrid takes the genetics of Hawaii, Purple Skunk, and an unknown indica variant to create a soothing, happy high delivered on delicious, sweet, and pungent smoke.

The THC content sitting between 17 and 22%, combined with around 1% CBD and a rich terpene profile, creates an herb that will not only uplift and relax its user but will also provide relief for mental and physical health conditions.

This is a popular option for evening use, as its high is sure to culminate in deep sleep. The appeal is not just for recreational smokers and medicinal tokers though, it also extends to home cultivators.

While these beautiful buds do require a little extra TLC to keep them healthy, they produce generous yields and flower in a short 7 to 9 weeks. To ensure you get the superior quality seeds you deserve

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