Hybrid Marijuana Strain

White Widow

Buy White Widow Los Angeles


Buy White Widow Los Angeles , The strain, with a 60% indica and 40% sativa profile, is typically a fine balance between sativa and indicica.

Although indica genetics may technically dominate the makeup of White Widow, their effects are certainly not your typical indica features, but they make you tired, soft or lethargic.

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Flavouring, scent and apparitions:

White Widow weed consume a daily flavor that has been deemed 'skunkily pungent  with an advanced touch of hempy spice and exotic equatorial berry.

The flavor of White Widow Marijuana in fact is so complex that most stoner would feel its presence at approximately 300 m2. And it is rumorous that if someone cracks a jar within 200 ft, Michael Phelps can even smelle it underwater.

Medical Benefits 

In this situation, it's important to understand, understand and understand the cannabis limits well and stick to

A larger, more potent dose is generally appropriate for those dealing with the threat of chronic pain.

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