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Obama Kush Online USA

Obama Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds Mississippi


Obama Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds Mississippi , Best kept for evening pursuits, Obama Kush marijuana delivers a colorful, creative head-high before you find yourself drifting into a relaxed state of mind.

Featuring upwards of 20% THC, you can expect a comfortable evening of enjoyment with Obama Kush on board.  

Sweet and spicy with hints of freshly picked pine, Obama Kush marijuana has an aromatic profile that’s difficult to ignore, and cultivators will find Obama Kush marijuana seeds produce equally appealing, bushy plants with lilac buds come harvest.

Grown successfully both indoors and out, Obama Kush requires about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering before its ready for curing, and often yields, on average, between 14 and 16 ounces per square meter or plant, indoors or out. 

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